Poetry Journal

Issues / Volume 5 Issue 2 , November 2015




  But then I dreamed the same back 
  all covered in skin tags 
  and that was pretty challenging
  but I think it was my body 
  and him sleeping on it 
  fronting the world
  maybe just wanting to 
  I don’t know 
  the dream is the image
  in an upstairs rank of some helpline 
  was it my happiness? 
  I don't knit
  but I think it was my bed 
  and him sitting on it 
  facing the wall
  all that stupidity 
  I relinquish to mindlessness 
  simplicity and shallowness and smooth geology
  and me behind his naked back 
  I don’t know 
  maybe touching
  I did the song of his body 
  the beautiful silken song 
  standing up on a platform
  all that skin 
  I resort to metaphor 
  sun and shade and smooth grass
  and me behind his naked breath 
  I don’t knit 
  maybe testing
  in an upstairs room of some house
  was it my house?
  I don’t know
  maybe just wondering
  I don’t knit
  the delicacy is the issue
  I dreamed the skin of his back
  the beautiful silken skin
  sitting up on a bed
  but then I descended the same breath
  all covered in density
  and that was pretty convincing