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June 2016

Australian Poetry Journal

Volume 6 Issue 1

In this issue, concatenations: large and small celebrations, deaths of poets, a curious run of eulogies and the fortuitous confluence of several essays on women’s poetry and publishing.

November 2015

Australian Poetry Journal

Volume 5 Issue 2

This issue continues to take account of the work of translation and influence.

July 2015

Australian Poetry Journal

Volume 5 Issue 1

If this issue has any theme, it could well be ‘generosity’, in light of several felicitous occurrences during planning.

December 2014

Australian Poetry Journal

Volume 4 Issue 2

In the latest APJ, read about the tension between politics and poetics, topics from the far left to the far right and the links between ideology and ideal words.

Leading off in his witty essay, Mitchell Welch reflects on the place of poetry in Australian political life. Surprising though it may seem, some Australian political figures have honed their poetic skills while holding power.

Editor Michael Sharkey: “APJ4.2 showcases poets you’ve heard of and many you’ll wish you knew better.”

21 Jul, 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 4.1

After three years under the guidance of founding editor Bronwyn Lea, the Australian Poetry Journal is relaunching, with a new editor, new designer, and a digital extension that will bring poetry into larger conversations about Australian life and literature. Together, the new team has created a journal that is spacious and generous, giving voice to a diverse range of poetic styles and incoporating for the first time multimedia and audiovisual work. With a range of essays and reviews complementing its poetry pages, the Australian Poetry Journal is an intelligent and engaging read for specialist and general audiences alike.

January 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 3.2

In her fifth and final volume as the editor of the Australian Poetry Journal, Bronwyn Lea shines a light on the Australian and international poets who are bringing language in all its iterations to the forefront of their work. For the first time, the journal also includes colour pages, highlighting the importance and effectiveness of the visual aspects of concrete poetry.

21 Jul, 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 3.1

Humans may prefer to distinguish themselves from all other multicellular, eukaryotic organisms, but ‘humans’ live only in the philosopher’s imagination. In the eyes of biologists we are Homo sapiens of Kingdom Animalia. Questions of taxonomy come under the microscope in this edition of the Australian Poetry Journal.

30 Jul, 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 2.2

Australian Poetry Journal 2.2 #art features new poetry by renowned Australian and international poets, including Christian Bök, Luke Davies, Diane Fahey, Sarah Holland-Batt, Carmen Leigh Keates, Anthony Lawrence, Rosanna Licari, Nikola Madzirov, Iman Mersal, Peter Rose, Philip Salom and others.

30 Jul, 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 2.1

Australian Poetry Journal 2.1 includes new poetry from poets across the country including Margaret Bradstock, Amy Brown, Michael Farrell, John Kinsella and Maria Takolander as well as international poets Sudeep Sen, Alvin Pang and Ron Winkler. Also featured is Felicity Plunkett’s spotlight on the poetry of Gwen Harwood, a review of Australian poetry from 1788 – 2012, and book reviews of recent poetry collections along with criticism by Martin Duwell and Michael Sharkey.

30 Jul, 2014

Australian Poetry Journal 1

The inaugural issue of the Australian Poetry Journal contemplates what poets talk about when they talk about beginnings': 'fifty poems by celebrated as well as new voices, poetry reviews and criticism, spotlight on the past, publishing news, and more.