Poetry Journal

Issues / Volume 5 Issue 1 , July 2015



Rob Walker

  self-reflection is dangerous. 
  that man pretends to be you 
  but he knows nothing, 
  except his left hand knows 
  what your right’s doing.  
  his asymmetric face   
  the obverse of yours, 
  to your friends. 
  he watches you shaving. 
  flashes his teeth. ejects adolescent 
  pimples at you. 
  knows your every flaw. 
  stares at you long enough
  to make you feel guilty. 
  says good morning, goodnight, 
  avoids you for most of the day. 
  pops up in unlikely places. 
  men’s rooms.  
  sideways glances from shop windows. 
  his twisted Andrew Lloyd Webber face 
  glares back at you from the backs of spoons. 
  keeping tabs on you. 
  always mocking. 
  reminding you daily 
  of the passage of time. 
  you wish 
  you were a vampire 
  so you could be 
  rid of him.