Poetry Journal

Issues / Volume 5 Issue 2 , November 2015



Jordie Albiston

  Sr– George Bush said    ‘we are a nation of communities    a brilliant diversity spread like stars    like a thousand points of light in a broad & peaceful sky’    Jr George Bush said    ‘I’m the commander    see    I don’t need to explain    I do not need to explain why I say things’    she lies on her back   watching the weirdness unfold in the air    wanting an explanation    sometimes men are highly reactive    turn yellow & quickly decay    he-is-not-he-is-not-one-of-them she prays
          January first & sorrow sorrow for the year & all that is gone    ebola 
          souls    polio souls    terror souls    Gamboru Ngala-Mali-Jos    etc    
          Korean ferry MV Sewol    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370    Malaysia Air-
          lines Flight 17    Air Algérie Flight 5017    Indonesia AirAsia Flight 
          8501    this-is-our-world    IPCC    severe    pervasive    irreversible    ISIS    
          Iraq    Nigerian schoolgirls    o Operation Protective Edge!    o peace
          unobtainium!    Crimea-Ukraine-Bangkok-Baghdad badness badness 
          badness to mourn    the first of January & an attempt at joy for the 
          bits of good that got through    a beatified Pope    a few whales saved    
          a FIFA World Cup    the Philae probe landing on Comet 67P    is it 
          enough    is it enough to love & be loved    to have a life    to be alive    
          will isotope 90 always persist    will our hearts have the heft to resist    
          the new year is here    MMXV    2015th of CE & AD    15th of the 
          3rd millennium the 21st century    5th of our time together    today is 
          a normal Gregorian Thursday    to my right is a rock    what does it 
          look like    to my left is the churning sea    o 2015 what will you bring    
          even your name has that post-apocalyptic ring like a John Wyndham 
          tome or a stern Doomsday trope    who are you    & can you offer it