Poetry Journal


Australian Poetry Journal, published twice annually, publishes the best Australian poetry, by recognized, emerging and new poets. It is the flagship publication of the national poetry organization, Australian Poetry, formed in 2010, as a merger organization of two state based groups. APJ, founded at AP’s inception, is the only print-form literary journal dedicated to the publishing of Australian poetry, without set theme and across forms. Interviews, reviews, profiles, essays and features, about the poetics and experience of Australian poets, and related participants, such as publishers, accompany the poems. The print edition is available digitally.

Following the inaugural editorship of Bronwyn Lea, which established APJ’s reputation, Michael Sharkey was appointed in 2014 (4.1, 4.2), a role in which he continues, across 2015 (5.1, 5.2), and into 2016 (6.1, 6.2). Recently appointed CEO, Jacinta Le Plastrier (formerly publisher, John Leonard Press), will undertake new APJ publisher responsibilities.

The Journal is distributed to a current subscription base of approximately 800 subscribers, but it is expected this number will continue to grow due to a recent hike in applications.

Submission volume to APJ is robust, and healthily increasing: Vol 5.2 received 1172 submissions. Poets from all states appear each issue. The journal continues to expand its contributor base: in the past 8 editions, APJ has published some 350 writers across multiple genres and platforms, including multimedia and concrete: this constitutes more than 300 poets, along with critics, essayists and specialist poetry reviewers. While some writers have appeared in more than one edition, the focus remains on the broadest contributor base, along with a new focus on translations each issue. Going forward, AP is strategizing promotional and poetry-service programs, to expand APJ’s reach and offer, both to individual poets and particular communities.